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Exciting NEW product !

Exciting NEW product !


Oh boy, are we excited! We will have a new product that we have all been waiting for!

Hopefully before the end of year, we will have our new LARGE unit with features that "no-one" has anywhere else.

We wanted to keep it hush hush until release alhough we just can't, its going to be GREAT.

The unit will still have a stainless steel mesh/filter that can handle almost anything you put in it and will be about  8 times the volume of our current unit

Which means a filter/tumbler giving:

volume = 12000 centimeter = 12 liters = 3.17 gallons = 25.36 pints = 732.28 cubic inch

& despite the extra large size we are estimating a sales price of or close to 220€ delivered !!!

Plus to launch this new concept/product we will be offering a great discount to all our clients whom have registered/bought on our site

& will be offering gift coupons* or discount codes* to all who answer our question below or, if mention this post at checkout, get a gift*

So stay close, bookmark this site and watch out for when the new unit is available!

*Be careful, we can not keep giving discounts and gifts forever, these promotions will only be for a limited time and quantity!

We want your feedback and we have one big question,

This new unit will have a single sized micron mesh to begin with, later new micron sizes will come available, what would your prefered micron size be????

Let us know by messaging us via our site

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Oh boy, are we excited! We will have a new product that we have all been waiting for!


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