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Differences between AU, UK, USA, EU & Filters 180 150 microns

The differences between the different Pollen Extractor machines is nothing other than the adapters supplied with them!

We wanted clients to be aware that no matter where you are in the would, we do supply the correct adapter for your countries power outlet/ plug.

If you do order a UK Pollen Extractor machine and you live in the USA, not to worry, we always verify the delivery address to package the correct adapter for that country.

Filters are made in stainless steel, including the mesh and we currently provide two different micron sizes: 180 microns or 150 microns.

180 micron mesh filters provides the larger space in the mesh to filter larger pollen / resins. This size is highly recommended for the beginner or standard flower pollen extraction. It is ideal to collect the maximum desired filtered material from your plant matter without a lot of impurities.

150 micron mesh filters provides a smaller space in the mesh which is more for the connoisseur who wishes to refine their product further or just to recuperate a finer end product.

Naturally, the larger the space in the mesh, the more impurities will pass through. This is also true if you tumble too much the same product: i.e; When you tumble your product for the first time for approximately 20 minutes you will see the best quality recuperated. Each time you tumble the same product/ material after you wil notice the end result getting darker due to more plant material passing through, more impurities.

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