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We are finally opening shop. Our products are destined for the home grower - enthusiasts - bio buffs and not the industrialists whom require much more expensive machines. Our machines are currently hand made and are inexpensive in comparison, so every body can have a go.

Previously we had this website as a trial site, just to see if you the public were interested in our products and the answer is YES.  

Not only did it interest you, but we were astonished about the number of inquiries for our products for different varieties of plants and flowers from all over the world. For this reason we have decided to upgrade our site, services and products to become a better and responsive dealer.

A little about who we are; We are a couple of people living in Provence France that got the idea for pollen extractors by mixing with friends whom are either specialists or hobbyists about cross breeding different varieties of plants, vegetables or flowers. One of our friends talked about the problem of collecting the pollen from kiwi flowers; Kiwi male flowers tend to bloom before the female flowers, which in-turn reduces the productivity of the number fruits it produces. Being a bit of a DIY person, I made our first Pollen Extractor and our friends loved it and wanted more. So I kept on making them and improving their functionalities to became what we have now. What more can I say, here we are today... 

Our goal now is not only to satisfy you the customer, but also to work along side you and help get you the maximum from your plant matter. Example; If you have a particular plant and are not sure as to what sized mesh you require, we will help you find and if necessary modify our filter tumblers to extract the maximum pollen. Naturally we can not possibly know all the types of pollens out there, but with your help we will definitely try our best.

So we look forward to hearing from you before or after your purchases so our new site can be filled with all the information everyone would like to see.

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