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We have come a long way since opening our website store. Our pollinator PollenExtractor machines have changed and advanced with a number of little ameliorations.

Most recently we have changed from a dull grey plastic box to a nice transparent box, which helps to see while rotation / extraction is occurring and to see what is being collected.

We have also now added a choice of stainless steels mesh filters for the pollinator Pollen Extractor machines of either a 150 micron or a 180 micron mesh size. Some people require a higher grade of filtration i.e; the 150 micron size filter ; while others prefer a maximum extraction with the 180 micron mesh filter.

Plus the pollinator Pollen Extractor machine now has a step action rotation at low speed. This helps considerably to control the rotation and gives time for the inner material to mix and fall within the filter, acquiring the maximum extraction from your pollen / material. The higher speeds of rotation in this machine are for harder to extract materials and is still not recommended to use this high rotation for long periods of time, maybe a manual movement of low - high is best…

Also in our shop we are offering a variety of products as an addition to the Pollen Extractor. This may not be useful for all, just a certain cliental that likes to chill ;)

Future products will be available for those whom like collecting real pollen for garden augmentation and we would be happy for their feed back as to what may interest them the most.

21 Jul 2014 at 10:53

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