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How to Grow Weed / Cannabis Fast

Fast flowering cannabis strains.

Fast grow girl Grow Weed Fast With FAST Genetics.

Choosing the right genetics is vital to the success of a cannabis grow, so if speed is your objective, then there’s no point cultivating a lazy Sativa photo-period cultivar. On the other hand, many auto-flowering fast strains complete their life cycle in around ten weeks and are a great starting point for growers in a hurry. However, those who prefer photo-period plants to auto-flowers can still shave a few weeks off their grow by sticking to indica cultivars, as these generally reach the flowering stage earlier than sativa types.

It goes without saying that healthy fast flowering plants with strong genetics grow fastest, so growers should always seek out high-quality cannabis seeds from a top seed bank. Many of the best banks have now developed super-fast 45 day flowering strains versions of popular strains, so growing weed has never been less time-consuming.

White Widow FAST, for instance, completes its flowering cycle in around seven weeks yet bristles with trichomes like its slower-growing parent. Jack Herer FAST is the perfect strain for beginner growers who want to harvest dense buds loaded with THC in double-quick time.

Then there’s Bruce Banger FAST, which boasts Original OG Kush genetics and can be grown in all environments and any growing medium. Click here for fast flowering seeds that have a high yield short flowering time.

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Grow Weed Fast Indoors Fast Version Cannabis

The outdoor growing season is governed by the forces of nature and largely beyond the control of mere mortals. On the other hand, growers get to play God when cultivating cannabis indoors and have total control over lighting, temperature, airflow and all other environmental variables.

An indoor grow offers more opportunities for growing weed fast and allows growers to decide when to switch their plants from the vegetative stage to the flowering phase. Assuming you’re working with photo-period cannabis plants, you can initiate bloom whenever you like by switching to a 12-hour light cycle.

In theory, this can be done at any time, even when a plant is still just a seedling. Unsurprisingly, tiny plants give tiny yields, so flipping the lights too soon after germination can be counter-productive. To speed up vegetative growth, some cultivators keep the lights on 24/7 in their grow room, as this causes marijuana plants to get bigger faster. However, such a relentless light schedule gives plants no time to rest, which can sometimes lead to health issues.

An indoor grow also creates opportunities to increase the hours of darkness in the grow tent during flowering. Giving plants less than 12 hours of light can trick them into thinking that winter is approaching, causing them to get their skates on and complete their flowering cycle extra fast. Once again, though, growers should exercise caution when starving cannabis plants of lumens, as this can stunt yields and hinder the production of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Finally, indoor growers may find that their plants grow faster in a hydroponic system than in soil. Using a growing medium like coco coir or perlite, hydroponic set-ups allow for the targeted introduction of nutrients at specific times and can help cannabis plants to grow more efficiently during veg.

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The Fastest Way To Grow Weed Outdoors

If you’re rushing to finish your outdoor plants, you could try blocking out the sunlight using a tarpaulin or a large opaque container. Doing so can trick plants into blooming early, especially if they are limited to just 12 hours of light per day.

Alternatively, you might want to bring your outdoor plants inside, where the light cycle can be controlled more easily. Relocating your weed is advisable if it’s late in the season and the temperatures start to drop.

Obviously, this is only feasible if your plants are in pots. It’s also worth bearing in mind that plants may need time to acclimate to their new environment, especially if there’s a temperature difference. To help make the transition smoother, consider moving plants gradually, initially bringing them inside at night only but progressively increasing the amount of time they spend indoors. After a couple of weeks, they should be used to their new grow space and can be left inside permanently.

Some growers even go as far as pollinating their female plants if they notice the season ending. Doing so causes buds to mature faster, as plants direct their energy into ripening rather than growing more flowers once fertilizing them. Just be sure to keep an eye on the development of your weed plants and harvest them before they produce new cannabis seeds. Otherwise, you’re sinsemilla dreams will be dashed.

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The Right Nutrients At The Right Time

Whether in a rush or not, it’s always a good idea to feed your cannabis plants the right nutes at the right time. However, doing so becomes even more critical if you need to avoid delays, as weed grows fastest and most efficiently when it has the correct food.

After all, unhealthy plants need time to recover before they can start thinking about growing or maturing, so each time you fail to give them exactly what they need, you just hold up your grow. To prevent setbacks, always ensure plants have sufficient nitrogen during the vegetative stage before switching to a diet that goes heavier on potassium and phosphorus during the flowering stage. Giving plants the wrong nutrients at the wrong time leads to slower growth and smaller yields.

Similarly, the fastest way to grow weed is to ensure that health issues are spotted and addressed as quickly as possible. This might sound like a no brainer, but the more severe a problem becomes, the more time a plant will need to recover, so if you’re in a race against the clock, you’d better pay attention and rectify any hiccups sharpish! Fast Grow

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How Drying and Curing Buds Post-Harvest Affects the Overall Experience

Put those buds through a proper drying and curing process, and you will observe the following:

  • Subtle flavors and a unique smell start to emanate from your cannabis strain
  • After smoking, you are less likely to experience racing thoughts, paranoia or anxiety typically associated with uncured marijuana.
  • No more “green” taste reminiscent of freshly cut grass which is common in newly harvested buds
  • Reduced smoke harshness, which may otherwise lead to coughing or induce headaches
  • Proper breaking down of chlorophyll significantly improves the taste and overall smoothness of buds.
  • Improved potency
  • Reduced likelihood of bacteria or mold growing on the buds
  • A good curing process changes the subjective effects of your marijuana – it changes the very composition of terpenoids and cannabinoids in your stash. It pretty much changes how you feel afterwards. To truly appreciate what we’re implying, you must understand the difference between smoking directly off the plant and after a proper drying and curing process. It’s almost night and day. Almost.

Seasoned growers have reported that drying buds gradually and putting them through the proper curing process boosts potency up to a certain limit.

They also claim that cured buds vaporize more easily, are more pleasant to smoke and can even be turned into edibles, probably due to how the makeup of terpenoids and cannabinoids is changed during the process.

Harvesting cannabis

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