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PollenExtractor Pollinator – Machine manuel

PollenExtractor The easy separator

Sized for the home grower

 For pollen extraction 

When using a Pollen Extractor machine to separate pollen, fill half of the stainless steel tumbler filter with your plant matter and place into the box with the lids closed. Freezing the plant matter may help with different plants. Then plug in to tumble the filter for a half hour or so.

Make sure the filter is not turning to quickly so that the plant matter gets to tumble inside the filter, if you let it turn too quickly, extraction will not be optimum.

The incorporated multi-speed switch allows to adjust speed for different plants.

Once your pollen is extracted, simply take the tumbler filter out and empty the tub into desired container.

The plastic card is to help collect remaining pollen on the bottom of the Pollen Extractor.

To clean the filter and box we recommend using a soft small brush, if necessary for the stainless steel filter, it can be washed in water.

Best at slow impulse / step speed

Half fill the filter or less

PollenExtractor The easy separator

For therapeutical plants

Dried & frozen plant matter only! machine fits into freezers 😉

For therapeutical plants with a resin to extract, before you do the same as for pollen extraction, be sure to have your plant matter dried then frozen before tumbling.

Tumble for approximately 20 minutes at a time before re-freezing. The freezing solidifies the resins and helps them break-off easily from the plant matter while they tumble inside the filter.

To get ultimate results from the Pollen Extractor machine repeat the freezing process as many times as necessary to extract the maximum from your plant material.

When it is time to clean the stainless steel filter, use a clean alcohol with a small brush in a separate tub, then allow the alcohol to evaporate to recuperate remaining extract.

Best at slow impulse / step speed

Half fill the filter or less

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