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    For pollen extraction with PollenExtractor;

    When using a Pollen Extractor machine to separate pollens, just place your plant material into the stainless steel tumbler filter and place into the pollen box with the lids closed. Then plug in to turn the filter for an half hour or so. Make sure the filter is not turning to quickly (step action) so that the plant material gets to mix inside the filter, if you let it turn too quickly, extraction will not be optimum. This is easy due to our incorporated variator to adjust speed. Once your pollen is extracted, simply take the pollen tumble filter out and empty the pollen box into desired container. We supply a plastic card to help collect remaining pollen on the bottom of the Pollen Extractor. To clean the filter and box we recommend using a soft small brush, if necessary for the stainless steel filter, it can be washed in water.

    For therapeutical plants;

    Using a dry method is so much easier than ;- - wet methods like bubble bags, which means no more making or buying bags of ice to cool your plant material for separation, then waiting for it all to dry. -Or dangerous extraction methods using explosive gases! For therapeutical plants with a resin to extract, before you do the same as for pollen extraction, it is suggested to place your plant material into our stainless steel tumbler filters and then the freezer for at least an hour or more. The stainless steel will help keep everything cool during the filtering process. The freezing solidifies the resins and helps them break-off easily from the plant matter while they tumble inside the filter. To get the ultimate results from Pollen Extractor machine, repeat the freezing process as many times as necessary to extract the maximum from your plant material. When it is time to clean the "stainless steel filter", use a clean alcohol with either a small brush or soaking tub, then allow the alcohol to evaporate to recuperate remaining extract.

    IT IS THAT EASY Designed with a full stainless steel filter and 180 micron or 150 micron stainless steel mesh which is durable / robust and basically unbreakable. A variable speed switch incorporated to select desired rotation speed. Keep in mind it is best to keep rotation low for ultimate extraction, depending on quantity placed within the filter. A 12 volt adapter. We will supply the correct one for your country of delivery. Filter sized to take approximately 80grms Box size 5L


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    Atomizer + Pollen Extractor

    Atomizer + Pollen Extractor

    Combo Pack includes;
    1x  eGo Vaporizer
    1x  Pollen Extractor Machine
    1x  Stainless Steel Filter
          180 or 150 microns
    1x  Adapter 12V
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