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The Nylon mesh PollenExtractor

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A larger choice of micron filters!

Sized for the home grower!

Demountable, easy transport & cleaning!

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Finally, a Pollen Extractor Machine that makes separating the Pollen and Plant Material of your Special Medicinal Plants quick and easy.


You no longer need to go through extended, complex or dangerous methods to get the pollen of your special plants separated from the plant material – these Pollen Extraction Machines do it all for you, in a clean, quick and easy way. Your plant material needs to be cured/dried then frozen to tumble.


When you want to grow and enjoy your special medicinal plants, you also want a special way to have them extracted and to make your home growing experience simpler and more efficient.


That’s why we have developed a simple Pollen Extractor Machine Kit – a quick, highly economical and very powerful device that allows you to separate:


  • the pollen to cross breed different flower varieties
  • the pollen to increase plant, vegetable and/or fruit productivity
  • the resin/pollen from the plant material for medicinal use
  • the plant material for aromatherapy


 The unit is 95% 3D printed by us with INGEO 4043D PLA+ certified ROHS/REACH et FDA from Arianeplast France. We use this material as it is safe, constant quality, more ecological & made to order for less waste & transport ;) – sized and designed to support both a lightweight or a very intensive use by home growers.


Making the most of your growing and enjoyment experience with your special medicinal plants has just become easier than ever. The special Pollen Extracting Machine that we’re offering you features:


  • a unique kit for easy storage.
  • a choice of nylon micron meshes available so you may choose your preferred micron quality.
  • a variable speed switch that allows you to change rotation speeds easily – according to your needs. Plus a simple manual brake to adjust the rotations.
  • a simple cleaning that allows you to extract pollen and separate plant material over and over again
  • an adapter to suit your wall/country socket type


If you take your special plant home growing and enjoyment experience seriously and want to make it as great as it should be, get the Pollen Extractor Machine that will take your experience to the next level.


The units work with 12volts when plugged into a regulated power source.

Our product is a small sized machine tumbler designed for the home grower to refine some end product.


The drum is 14.5cm( 5.7inches) in width & height by 15.5cm(6.1inches) long, giving a 3.25liter (+/- .86gallon) volume with the mesh support made with nylon.

We supply one filter/tumbler drum per order with a choice of either the 180, 150, 120, 109 or 96micron mesh. The 180 micron mesh is the larger hole size & recommended to start using first. There is an option choice for 2 filters or all 5 filters, plus we'll be adding another listing for additional filters if you wish to purchase later. All additional filters will be sent in kit form.


The drum can take approximately +/-80grams of material (weight), not to be filled more than half for tumbling.

The motor is 12volts and we supply a 12 volt adapter according to the country of delivery.


There is no tub provided, we recommend using a tub/box that you may have at home or find one for your your unit ;) Some like to place simple cooking grease paper under the unit.


They are practical units and can be used for a lot of different things.


If you’d like to learn more details about our Pollen Extracting Machine, please click contact us :)


Please contact us before negative reviews, much appreciated :) We are here to help!


Photos maybe different as per our upgrades ;)

Data sheet

Age groupadult
Box SizeNot supplied
Filter capacityApprox 160g
MeshMultiple nylon micron mesh sizes available
Voltage12 volts


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The Nylon mesh PollenExtractor

The Nylon mesh PollenExtractor

A larger choice of micron filters!

Sized for the home grower!

Demountable, easy transport & cleaning!

Free Shipping ;)

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